Friday, July 9th, 2010

In response to Separis: "the history of warnings 101"

Separis on livejournal: Anyone have more information on that? I get the impression this was also an issue before regular 'net access as well and that it might have come from cons originally, but a complete perspective would be interesting to know about and read. A lot of discussion during these two debates makes a lot more sense if the original purpose of warnings was to restrict access and exclude certain groups of fans entirely.

When I first found slash fandom, "warnings" were both a signal to other slash fen that there was What We Were Looking For inside those covers, and something to shield us from those manic anti-slash fans going "I READ THIS STORY WHERE SPOCK AND KIRK WERE LOVERS OMG I NEARLY THREW UP!" This was in 1983.

(Also, the "over-18" requirement was fairly serious - as one editor noted to me, when I confessed to having sent her a slightly inaccurate declaration of age (I was 17: she wanted over-21) the first time I bought one of her zines, the reason she asked for age statements was so that if angry parents contacted her, she could show them the age statement their innocent flower had sent the editor: "hey: your kid told me she was over 21, not my fault!")

And, to the best of my knowledge, that remained the chief purpose of "warnings" and "age statements" for the next twenty years. The first time I saw "warnings" more complicated than "Slash pairing" was sometime early on in the 21st century, I'm pretty certain. I've published stories before that in zines in which a major character is raped or dies, without a warning being called for or absence of complained about.

I didn't care for the new system of warnings because they struck me basically as systematic spoilers. When I set up a website, this is what I posted as my non-warning-list.

And I added a note that people were absolutely welcome to e-mail me to ask me about any of my stories before reading it. No one ever does, though.

PS: See also Without doubt I am going to go to hell and What's wrong with this kind of argument from June last year. (How time flies: it's Annual Warnings Fight again.)
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Sunday, June 6th, 2010

House MD: Adverse Events

Update: JFTR, I was enjoying reading At the Spectra by pgrabia (link to C11), but I have to stop reading it now, because: (1) Pgrabia hasn't posted any links to past chapters: (2) Pgrabia doesn't have an Author tag on Grabbing His Cane: (3) The mods have disabled anon comments on Cane so I can't ask where the previous chapters I missed are (4) Pgrabia disabled anon comments so I can't ask her where the previous chapters I missed are (5) The story isn't posted anywhere but Cane. (6) I'm not dead sure what the last chapter number I read was, and anyway without an author tag the only way to read previous chapters is to go back through the whole blog checking each chapter at a time, and I wasn't enjoying "Spectra" so extremely much that it's worth going to all that additional effort to find it. Memo to self: be better at tagging. Memo to others: for cryin' out loud, would it kill you to post a link to past chapters? It has been pointed out to me that I stupidly forgot to check! first link now goes there!
It has not escaped my attention that, since I posted The Cripple aka The Price of Friendship, a few other House/Wilson slavefic stories have been posted. Invariably (as far as I can tell) Wilson owns House.

...I feel it's time to redress that balance. A House/Wilson slavefic story in which House buys Wilson.

Adverse Events: A fifth season House/Wilson story with no spoilers beyond the end of fourth season. Inspired and giggle-beta'd by Pink Dormouse )
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Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

House MD: Unminuted Statements

Takes place towards the end of "Babies and Bathwater".

If you think House deserves to go, if you think I deserve to go, Wilson deserved to go, then vote yes. But if you’re doing this because you are afraid of losing his money, then he’s right! He does own you. You have a choice. Maybe the last real one you’ll have here. )
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Monday, February 22nd, 2010

Dark Wilson Drabbles: Part 1 of 15

Why does Dark!Wilson work for me? (And a few hundred other fans of that "strange, dark guy".)

I recently read a House/Wilson story in which Wilson, late home from the hospital, is beaten up and badly burned by Amber. It's a lovely Sick!Wilson story, but it seems incredibly OOC for Amber. I love Suffering Wilson/Sarky Yet Caring House, but ... why not just put an OFC in there instead of Amber? It doesn't play off anything subtextual in the series about what we saw of the relationship between Amber and Wilson: it plays off a common anti-feminist motif in general culture that if a man is devoted to a woman it's because she's got her brand on him. I've read dark!Amber stories that worked for me when Amber and Wilson together were screwing House over, because, well, to a certain extent they did.

Sick/suffering!House and sick/suffering!Wilson both work for me (separately or together) because the best sick/suffering stories make actual the (mostly mental) pain they're both inflicting on each other due to being jerks who really can't communicate with each other very well.

Dark!Wilson works for me because the best Dark!Wilson stories turn the subtextual emotional/physical abuse which Wilson inflicts on House in the series into text.

So I pulled down a table of 75 dark!Wilson prompts, and... (The first five all take place pre-infarction.)

#001 Beginnings )

#002 Cigarette Burn )

#003 Silence )

#004 Drowning )

#005 Expectations )
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Wednesday, February 10th, 2010

House MD: Crack, flash, say amyloidosis!!

Second-season House MD. Total crack.

Crack, flash, say amyloidosis!! )

Part 2 )
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Friday, January 29th, 2010

Housekink meme: I wasn't expecting THAT

Create your own banner at!
Make your own banner at!

The prompt was A threesome I really hadn't thought of )

So, er...NSFW! )

Authorial Noting )


Update, 6th Feb: The other prompt I'd been looking at (what? It was on the first page!) was Read more... )

Also NSFW )

Authorial Noting )
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Friday, January 1st, 2010

Not Quite Yuletide: Hank's Walk

I set up a blog, Hank's Walk, to publish my 2009 Yuletide assignment: a fanfic story about Stephen King’s novel The Long Walk. If you are unfamiliar with this novel, you are advised not to read this story as it will be as full of spoilers as an egg is full of, well, egg. If you do not want to read about violence, death, more violence, sexual feelings graphically expressed, more death, and death, and death again, you are advised not to read this story or to read The Long Walk.

I first read The Long Walk in 1998, when jetlagged in Montreal: though I was trying desperately to get back on a normal sleep pattern, I had to stay awake till I got to the end. My respects to Stephen King, who still writes stories that keep me awake at night because I can’t stop reading them: he owns The Long Walk and all the characters and dialogue and situations therein. This is a respectful work of love intended as a Yuletide gift for [info]intoxicarcerate, who also loves King’s writing.

So this is it: 15,665 words, in ten chapters. Like King's original novel, it's sort of a horror story, though there's nothing supernatural about it.

Chapter One Chapter Two Chapter Three Chapter Four Chapter Five Chapter Six Chapter Seven Chapter Eight Chapter Nine Chapter Ten

The usual authorial noting )
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Monday, October 26th, 2009

Nanowrimo, wrimo....

I am fairly sure I am just asking for woe and disappointment here, because we are running a bloody big event in November. How am I going to write even a hundred words a day? Eek, really.

However. At the very least, Nanowrimo is good for writing more. So I'm going to sneak into the local Kick-Off Party (31st October at 12.30pm - lunchtime) in the Library Bar in the Teviot (Enter Teviot, turn right until you reach the staircase, then in front of you, to the right of the downward staircase, there is a room which is part of the Library Bar, but separate from the rest of it). I may even sneak along to the Sunday Write-In (Sunday 1st, 4pm, back part of Starbucks, entrance above the Chinese medicine shop, just before the scaffolding in front of the obnoxiously loud souvenir shop). The Nanowrimo Regional Person identifies herself with a "highlighter-yellow shirt".

And! I know what I'm going to do.

I'm going to try and kickstart my Exhausted Brain which has been stumbling and braking towards the end of "The Games" and "Through The Mirror", by inviting you to play.

Please login and post a request for a drabble or a flashfic (it will be at minimum 100 words: if I decide I can't be arsed writing it as a drabble, it'll be longer...) in either one of those universes. I'll do crossovers if you like. (It, er, makes an alarming amount of sense that MirrorM*A*S*H and The Games are in the same universe, just fifty years apart.)


1. You have to login. Get an IJ account. Thank you. (Give Squeaky some money! He's buying moar servers! Yay!)
2. Specify if this is MirrorM*A*S*H or The Games.
3. If you want a crossover, specify the fandom (essential) or the pairing (optional).
4. Give me a word.
5. (Optional) Give me a theme.
6. Do not ask for stories which are spoilers. I'm still trying to finish the damn stories... Ask for a missing scene, an AU, a crossover with a background character, a something.
7. There is no rule 7. Inspire me.
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Sunday, September 6th, 2009

An odd side-effect of SurveyFail

A while ago, Dusk Petersen noted to me that a problem with my website was that none of my stories had blurbs: I acknowledged that I write lousy blurbs and prefer "none" to "lousy".

One of the questions in SurveyFail (Q54) was "If you write m/m slash, how do you study male anatomy and physiology in order to write more convincing stories?"

and as both the question and all of the multiple-choice answers contained too many false assumptions to be answerable, in comments to a post discussing that and other poorly-worded questions, I listed the topics I researched for Sins & Virtues.

Six people in the next six days asked me for a link to the story. To give perspective, I think the total number of people who ever read Sins & Virtues prior to 1st September this year is something like 15. (I sent out a dozen hard copies: not all of those got read...)

Okay. I really do need to write blurbs. Even crappy blurbs which consist entirely of a list of research topics.
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Monday, June 29th, 2009

What's wrong with this kind of argument

This (via metafandom):

Read stories with warnings and skip stories without warnings:

May exclude you from some fandoms that don't do warnings, or don't warn for canon events that you find triggery. Well, if you have a problem with fanfic written in those fandoms, maybe you shouldn't be reading fanfic in those fandoms? Seriously. If you need not to read about characters you love dying, and want to be warned if the story deals with it, you should probably not be reading in Star Wars Episode One, or Blake's 7, or Harry Potter, or ... well, any one of a number of series where, canonically, people die. Repeat as needed for other Sometimes Bad Things Happen In Canon fandom.

Just check with the author. They will, of course, be willing to tell you if the fic is safe to read:

OMG, the horror - you might have to communicate with the author. You might have difficulty finding the author's current e-mail address. You might have to wait for the author to reply! Why, it's every fan's right to be able to read any fanfic they stumble across immediately, no waiting, no communicating with the person who wrote it!

Ask a friend to read for you:

If you have no friends with whom you are prepared to communicate your love for a specific kind of crack!fic, you should make some. (You know, here's a thought: the person who wrote the story, the author of this crack!fic, is - if approached nicely - a potential friend! someone who likes the same kind of thing you like, well enough to write it f'godsake: so if you can get over your need not to communicate with the author, you may have made a future friend who could read/rec this kind of story to you without embarrassment.)

Check Delicious for warnings:

Yeah, I concede: this may not work too well.

Only read recs:

Yeah, the horror: you might have to skip the fanfic no one's recced. Or you might have to communicate with the author, or have a conversation with one of your friends. Or you might have to wait a little bit, not get to read the story immediately. Which, oh the horror, is a frustration of one of your essential fannish RIGHTS, to get to read all fanfic in any fandom you choose IMMEDIATELY.

The internet/fandom/life is not always a fair place. Stop whining and deal with it:

Yeah. Sometimes it's not fair. Sometimes you have to communicate with people you don't know. Sometimes you have to communicate with your friends. Sometimes you have to ask questions. Sometimes you can't just click/read all the fanfic ever written. Sometimes life sucks.

Complaining that the people who write the stories you want to read so badly you can't bear to wait even 24 hours aren't helping you in your quest to read fanfic without ever having to communicate with the writers or talk with your friends about the stories because you're embarrassed you like them... well, yeah, I do think that's counterproductive.

Maybe we can't bring about world peace and end all suffering, but I don't understand why we can't make our little part of the world easier for everyone to navigate.

We can. You can, oh hermit soul: you just have to let go of your idea that writers of fanfic ought to be content to produce fanfic without ever hearing from the people who want to read it, and especially not when the people who want to read it want to know something about the story before they read it.
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Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009

Without doubt I am going to go to hell

I read this.

And it made me think two things:

1. I do get the point of having "If you want to read it, there's a warning associated with this story". Except I also agree much more strongly with this (from livejournal, three years ago) and this from fanfic symposium: warnings are not obligatory.

2. But given that, as she outlined very clearly, a trigger may be something as unexpected as calculus - ought we all then to warn for every event in the story, since any event may be triggering?

I don't want to cause anyone unwanted distress.

But if you read my stories, you should know that I want to harrow up your emotions like a fork in butter frosting: to make you cry, make you laugh, turn you on, startle you like a thin knife that pierces your heart before you know your skin is broken, suck you in as if I were a black hole and you were my light, make you shake, make you shiver, melt your brain, make you keep coming back -

...if you want me to do that to you.

If you don't, you shouldn't read my stories.
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Friday, June 19th, 2009

M*A*S*H: Northern Spies

Northern Spies

for Jennifer, who loves apples and Hawkeye

a M*A*S*H slash story )

how do you like these apples? )
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Friday, May 8th, 2009

In The Mouth Of The Wolf: Part 1

(This was the sixth part of "End Game".)

The previous stories in this series (my Keptverse) began with The Games (six parts) and continued with The Network (one part), The Players (seven parts), The Gambler (seven parts), The Pieces (seven parts), and End-Game (5 parts).

The story may be regarded as fanfic set in [info]poisontaster's Keptverse. There is a species of cast list here.

Part 1: understand the terrible fascinating power )

To part 2
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Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

End Game: Part 1

This is the first part of the final sequence: it's the End Game.

The previous stories in this series (my Keptverse) began with The Games (six parts) and continued with The Network (one part), The Players (seven parts), The Gambler (seven parts), and The Pieces (seven parts).

The story may be regarded as fanfic set in [info]poisontaster's Keptverse. There is a species of cast list here.

There has been rather a long gap. You may want to go back and re-read.

Part 1: Does it hurt when you breathe? )

to Part 2
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Friday, January 2nd, 2009

The Pieces: Willow

This is part 1 of a 7-part sequence following on immediately from the last part of The Gambler. Part 2 is written and will be posted when I'm done with Part 3, as usual....

The previous stories in this series (my Keptverse) began with The Games (six parts) and continued with The Network (one part), The Players (seven parts), and The Gambler (seven parts). The whole series will terminate with the next sequence, "End Game", which is planned but not yet written.

The story may be regarded as fanfic set in [info]poisontaster's Keptverse. There is a species of cast list here.

Sorry for the long gap - partly Yuletide, partly family stuff, partly computer woes, partly a nasty cold that Santa gave me for Christmas. (He's a git, by the way.) I want to thank Dusk Peterson, whose lovely and thoughtful review of my Keptverse series to date really gave me the emotional kickstart I needed to sit down and finish part 2, despite all difficulties.

Yeah, I'm fine. The shaking is a side-effect of the fear. )
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Thursday, January 1st, 2009

Yuletide: Far from all intentional ill-doing

This year, as in all years since 2003, I drew a book fandom: The Charioteer, by Mary Renault.

This year, though, I had embraced my bookishness: I had offered to write in all fandoms where I'd read the canon so many times I couldn't remember how many.

I think I first encountered Mary Renault in The Persian Boy, though it might have been The Mask of Apollo. (Nicola Marlow first recommended that to my attention.) This was when I was 15 or 16 - before I came out, anyway - and I didn't read The Charioteer until some time after I came out: 17 or 18. I picked it up first about the same time as The Persian Boy, and was put off by the opening chapter, which is Laurie as a small boy. Sometime after I came out I discovered it was well thought of as a gay novel. I got it out of the library.

Then I found my parents had a copy - I think probably because one of the central characters, Andrew, is a Quaker, a conscientious objector - the main part of the novel is set in 1940, just after Dunkirk. (My parents are Friends, and I was brought up a Quaker, though mostly I only go to Meeting now for weddings/funerals.) That was an elderly paperback, with "three men caught up in the struggle of their forbidden love" or somesuch blurbed on the cover. I read that paperback to death. The copy I now own I bought sometime before 1992. (I know this, because I remember reading it around the time of my Finals and figuring out that the first time I read it I was younger than Andrew, and now I was the same age as Ralph.)

But the story I was asked for wasn't to be about Laurie, or Andrew, or Ralph: it was to be about Alec, who first appears mid-way through the book, the host of a queer party, a close friend and former lover of Ralph's, a medical student (he says he's taking his finals that year, but he appears to be working as a houseman - intern, if you're American - because the nurses refer to him without qualification as a doctor). The title of the story, and the sub-titles, are from the classical version of the Hippocratic Oath.

about the story )

Far From All Intentional Misdoing.
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Thursday, December 25th, 2008

Far from all intentional ill-doing

Mary Renault - The Charioteer
Written for: queen_ypolita in the Yuletide 2008 Challenge
by Jane Carnall

1. I take to witness all the gods )

2. All that may come to my knowledge )

3. To live in common with him and, if necessary, to share my goods with him )

4. Which ought not to be spread abroad )

5. According to my ability and my judgment )

Monday, November 17th, 2008

The Gambler – Part One

This is the first part of the third story that began with The Games (six parts) and continued with The Network (one part), and The Players (seven parts).

The story may be regarded as fanfic set in [info]poisontaster's Keptverse. It is being written as part of [info]wrimowrimo. I also updated the cast list here.

on a train bound for nowhere )
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Monday, November 3rd, 2008

The Players: Willow

This is part one of the second section of the story that began with The Games (six parts) and continued with The Network (one part).

If you're interested, there's now an alternate version of this written in July 2009, posted as if 4th November, here.

The story may be regarded as fanfic set in [info]poisontaster's Keptverse. It is being written as part of [info]wrimowrimo.

I don't like any of that stuff, except the fighting evil part. )
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Sunday, November 2nd, 2008

The Network

I linked to this story by [info]darkrose, My Sight Grows Stronger, in the introductory notes to The Games. Partly because this really impressed me, and partly because I felt it was a good introductory stand-alone piece to read about how the Keptverse works. This story is my effort to do something similiar, and was inspired by a discussion that I had with [info]darkrose here.

In summary: the Keptverse is set in an America in which debt slavery exists. In the real Keptverse (which is mostly on livejournal), the stories are all RPF. What I am writing here is fanfic on the Keptverse: fictional characters living in the universe of [info]poisontaster's creation.

The Network )

Author notes )
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