Monday, February 22nd, 2010

Dark Wilson Drabbles: Part 1 of 15

Why does Dark!Wilson work for me? (And a few hundred other fans of that "strange, dark guy".)

I recently read a House/Wilson story in which Wilson, late home from the hospital, is beaten up and badly burned by Amber. It's a lovely Sick!Wilson story, but it seems incredibly OOC for Amber. I love Suffering Wilson/Sarky Yet Caring House, but ... why not just put an OFC in there instead of Amber? It doesn't play off anything subtextual in the series about what we saw of the relationship between Amber and Wilson: it plays off a common anti-feminist motif in general culture that if a man is devoted to a woman it's because she's got her brand on him. I've read dark!Amber stories that worked for me when Amber and Wilson together were screwing House over, because, well, to a certain extent they did.

Sick/suffering!House and sick/suffering!Wilson both work for me (separately or together) because the best sick/suffering stories make actual the (mostly mental) pain they're both inflicting on each other due to being jerks who really can't communicate with each other very well.

Dark!Wilson works for me because the best Dark!Wilson stories turn the subtextual emotional/physical abuse which Wilson inflicts on House in the series into text.

So I pulled down a table of 75 dark!Wilson prompts, and... (The first five all take place pre-infarction.)

#001 Beginnings )

#002 Cigarette Burn )

#003 Silence )

#004 Drowning )

#005 Expectations )
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