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    Friday, January 15th, 2010
    8:06 pm
    FanLib, OTW, and learning to not care...
    I write stories.

    I enjoy writing stories.

    I like writing stories for other people.

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    Friday, January 1st, 2010
    10:54 pm
    Not Quite Yuletide: Hank's Walk
    I set up a blog, Hank's Walk, to publish my 2009 Yuletide assignment: a fanfic story about Stephen King’s novel The Long Walk. If you are unfamiliar with this novel, you are advised not to read this story as it will be as full of spoilers as an egg is full of, well, egg. If you do not want to read about violence, death, more violence, sexual feelings graphically expressed, more death, and death, and death again, you are advised not to read this story or to read The Long Walk.

    I first read The Long Walk in 1998, when jetlagged in Montreal: though I was trying desperately to get back on a normal sleep pattern, I had to stay awake till I got to the end. My respects to Stephen King, who still writes stories that keep me awake at night because I can’t stop reading them: he owns The Long Walk and all the characters and dialogue and situations therein. This is a respectful work of love intended as a Yuletide gift for [info]intoxicarcerate, who also loves King’s writing.

    So this is it: 15,665 words, in ten chapters. Like King's original novel, it's sort of a horror story, though there's nothing supernatural about it.

    Chapter One Chapter Two Chapter Three Chapter Four Chapter Five Chapter Six Chapter Seven Chapter Eight Chapter Nine Chapter Ten

    The usual authorial noting )

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    Monday, November 16th, 2009
    6:13 pm
    Lost my Yuletide Yay
    Dear Yuletider;

    Er, this is kind of awkward )

    Current Mood: relieved
    9:15 am
    Still not getting the yay! in yuletide...
    I iz OTW kitteh  I iz One True Wank
    moar funny pictures


    Current Mood: blah
    Saturday, November 14th, 2009
    11:51 pm
    Ten days too late, thanks to lack of info between LJ and IJ...
    Posted at Yuletide Admin: "So while we are doing signup on the old code, we will be moving to the shiny new Archive of Our Own (about to go into Open Beta) for posting and reveal."

    The fuck you are?

    Oh bugger.

    Woe to the centralization of fandom. You know, I accept cheerfully that Yuletide is not a democracy - that like most successful fannish institutions it is a benevolent autarchy - but I am COMPLETELY BUMMED, nonetheless, that I have now to choose between revoking my signup for Yuletide, when this would be the seventh year running, or revoking my decision not to get one whit involved in the OTW's Archive until it was clear that it was actually going to be useful/used/trustworthy.

    This is not the mood I want to be in when I'm waiting to hear what my signup will be.

    If I do revoke my signup, I'll let you know with plenty of notice. Even though you gave me none that by signing up to Yuletide this year I might could be signing up to the OTW's Archive.

    Not happy,

    Jane Carnall

    Astolat's response: my reply )

    and having slept on it  )

    Current Mood: not yayish
    Friday, November 13th, 2009
    11:12 pm
    Dear Yuletider
    Thank you for writing me a solstice gift! I know that at this moment you are probably staring at the story you are committed to write and wondering why on earth you agreed to put yourself through this hell. Courage, mon ami! We're all in this together. I too am staring at a blank screen thinking "What fresh hell is this?" and (as I write this, having just completed my sign-up form) I don't even know which of many possible hellish choices I have been assigned. But, secretly, I know it's going to be fun. For given values of fun. Right?

    I kept thinking in the first couple of novels of Foreigner series how interesting it would be if this was going to be a Bren/Banichi romance.

    With Fame - the news that they were doing a remake of the movie and were pushing the Montgomery MacNeill for the 21st Century back into the closet made me think about what happened to Montgomery. Or, to be honest, when I happened to see the movie again earlier this year. Montgomery came out: and yet he's still presented as painfully isolated and alone, and the romances the movie presents are strictly heterosexual. (Another reviewer who remembered the 1980 movie said the odd thing for him was that there were no lesbian or gay teachers: he remembered every performing arts school faculty absolutely hotching with queers.) Depending when exactly you decide the 1980 movie is set (if freshman or senior year is 1980) you may or may not need to deal with AIDS.

    Cagney and Lacey - oh hell, even if you don't want to write me it, sign the petition? (Petitions.) I want the rest of the series on DVD, please.... But a good buddy-cop story with Christine Cagney and Marybeth Lacey would be so cool...

    Viktor/Victoria - Toddy and Victoria. To say again: Obviously, they were never lovers. But they lived together as best friends and partners and Victoria punched out Toddy's previous boyfriend and Toddy died on stage for Victoria. They were great together. I want the story of how they lived together.

    Much love! *tea and hugs*

    See you on the 25th.



    Current Mood: bouncy
    Saturday, October 31st, 2009
    9:44 am
    I really hate getting this annual message...
    Signup for Yuletide is currently closed, sorry! Please contact the Yuletide admins if there is a problem with your signup that needs to be fixed. If you are too late to join in for this year, you can still sign up to be a pinch hitter or write a New Years Resolutions challenge story.

    NOTE: if signups have not officially closed yet, the script may just temporarily be down for some technical maintenance. If that's the case, try again in a little while! Check the yuletide admin livejournal for announcements.

    ...but I always do, every bloody year.

    Ohwell. There's no clue on Yuletide Admin community (which I just added as an RSS feed) when signups are closing (and no announcement about when they opened) but... I checked earlier in the week and they weren't open yet then so ...

    Attempted to sign up to [info]mini_nanowrimo, but may have left it too late: still a member of [info]wrimowrimo.

    Current Mood: awake
    Monday, October 26th, 2009
    8:18 pm
    Nanowrimo, wrimo....
    I am fairly sure I am just asking for woe and disappointment here, because we are running a bloody big event in November. How am I going to write even a hundred words a day? Eek, really.

    However. At the very least, Nanowrimo is good for writing more. So I'm going to sneak into the local Kick-Off Party (31st October at 12.30pm - lunchtime) in the Library Bar in the Teviot (Enter Teviot, turn right until you reach the staircase, then in front of you, to the right of the downward staircase, there is a room which is part of the Library Bar, but separate from the rest of it). I may even sneak along to the Sunday Write-In (Sunday 1st, 4pm, back part of Starbucks, entrance above the Chinese medicine shop, just before the scaffolding in front of the obnoxiously loud souvenir shop). The Nanowrimo Regional Person identifies herself with a "highlighter-yellow shirt".

    And! I know what I'm going to do.

    I'm going to try and kickstart my Exhausted Brain which has been stumbling and braking towards the end of "The Games" and "Through The Mirror", by inviting you to play.

    Please login and post a request for a drabble or a flashfic (it will be at minimum 100 words: if I decide I can't be arsed writing it as a drabble, it'll be longer...) in either one of those universes. I'll do crossovers if you like. (It, er, makes an alarming amount of sense that MirrorM*A*S*H and The Games are in the same universe, just fifty years apart.)


    1. You have to login. Get an IJ account. Thank you. (Give Squeaky some money! He's buying moar servers! Yay!)
    2. Specify if this is MirrorM*A*S*H or The Games.
    3. If you want a crossover, specify the fandom (essential) or the pairing (optional).
    4. Give me a word.
    5. (Optional) Give me a theme.
    6. Do not ask for stories which are spoilers. I'm still trying to finish the damn stories... Ask for a missing scene, an AU, a crossover with a background character, a something.
    7. There is no rule 7. Inspire me.

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    Wednesday, October 14th, 2009
    11:43 pm
    My Yuletide nominations (today)
    The Fugitive (1993 movie)
    Jane Austen - Mansfield Park
    MASH (tv)
    Orson Scott Card - Lost Boys
    Roger Zelazny - The Graveyard Heart
    Stephen King - Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption

    Who knows what I may not think of over the next few days?

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    Sunday, September 6th, 2009
    8:37 pm
    An odd side-effect of SurveyFail
    A while ago, Dusk Petersen noted to me that a problem with my website was that none of my stories had blurbs: I acknowledged that I write lousy blurbs and prefer "none" to "lousy".

    One of the questions in SurveyFail (Q54) was "If you write m/m slash, how do you study male anatomy and physiology in order to write more convincing stories?"

    and as both the question and all of the multiple-choice answers contained too many false assumptions to be answerable, in comments to a post discussing that and other poorly-worded questions, I listed the topics I researched for Sins & Virtues.

    Six people in the next six days asked me for a link to the story. To give perspective, I think the total number of people who ever read Sins & Virtues prior to 1st September this year is something like 15. (I sent out a dozen hard copies: not all of those got read...)

    Okay. I really do need to write blurbs. Even crappy blurbs which consist entirely of a list of research topics.

    Current Mood: amused
    Monday, August 3rd, 2009
    8:35 pm
    In The Mouth Of The Wolf: Part 6
    It's 1.35 in the morning, my time, though in Montreal (where I am right now) it's 8:35 in the evening. I am beyond exhausted, but I'm posting, because I am too tired to think of a good reason for breaking my word. (Written in Edinburgh, revised transAtlantic, revisions reviewed in Shoshanna's living room, posted via her Internet.)

    The previous stories in this series (my Keptverse) began with The Games (six parts) and continued with The Network (one part), The Players (seven parts), The Gambler (seven parts), The Pieces (seven parts), and End-Game (5 parts).

    There are parts one two, three, four, and five of "In the Mouth of the Wolf", the sixth and final section of this story.

    The story may be regarded as fanfic set in [info]poisontaster's Keptverse. There is a species of cast list here.

    Part 6: Neither the slave, nor the free )

    Part 7

    Current Mood: exhausted
    Sunday, August 2nd, 2009
    11:32 am
    In The Mouth Of The Wolf: Part 5
    I leave for Montreal very first thing tomorrow, but I promise I will post Part 6 either tomorrow or soon after: (or possibly, very late tomorrow evening). Part 7 is *still being written*, but I do know what happens and I won't keep you waiting any longer than I have to. I am taking my laptop with me to Montreal.

    The previous stories in this series (my Keptverse) began with The Games (six parts) and continued with The Network (one part), The Players (seven parts), The Gambler (seven parts), The Pieces (seven parts), and End-Game (5 parts).

    There are parts one two, three and four of "In the Mouth of the Wolf", the sixth and final section of this story.

    The story may be regarded as fanfic set in [info]poisontaster's Keptverse. There is a species of cast list here.

    You may want to go back and re-read parts 3 and 4 (at least) before you begin on Part 5. Or not. As you please.

    Part 5: I wasn't worried about appearances. )

    part 6

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    Monday, July 27th, 2009
    12:04 pm
    Anticipation in Montreal: 3rd August - 13th August
    I'm going to Anticipation in Montreal - weekend after next, whee!

    I'm arriving in Montreal the evening of Monday 3rd August, and departing the evening of 13th August: between Wednesday 5th August and Monday 10th August, I anticipate (pun) being enjoyably occupied with the Worldcon at the Palais des Congrès, just on the edge of Vieux-Montréal. (I am staying at a delicious bed-and-breakfast gay guest house about 20 minutes walk from the Worldcon.)

    Below the cut is my Worldcon panel schedule. Please note that I have no idea where any of the locations are, or if they're likely to change from day to day. (I was on another panel about writing sexual orientations in SF, "Rainbow Futures", but got taken off because it clashed with the "Gender Issues" panel - obviously, no one interested in sexual orientation in SF could be expected to be interested in gender in SF, and vice versa: and you may see my name on a panel item about role-playing games, but that was a mistake, and besides, it clashed with a panel about Doctor Who.)

    Anyway, that's what I'm doing. And yes... *still working on 'The Games' to post the last three parts before I go*. Promise. But, if any of you are coming to the Worldcon: let's meet up!

    my worldcon schedule: The Most Slash-Worthy Shows on TV, Snobs R Us - YA books and tie-ins, First Contact: Create and Design Aliens, The Doctor and the Dalek, Writing Gender Issues )
    Sunday, July 12th, 2009
    4:14 pm
    Hello! New confusion and new chapters...
    Look at this way: you're having an adventure!

    See, I had a problem with "End-Game", and it's mutated. A bit.

    What I thought was going to be the last section of the Games story turned into the penultimate section. "End-Game" now has five parts and was posted in April.

    "In the mouth of the wolf", the new last section of the Games story, started in May and now has five parts written, four posted, and two more planned. You have already read three out of the first four chapters posted. Sorry.

    There are now posted: part one, part two, part three (this is the only brand-new part) and part four of "In the Mouth of the Wolf", the sixth and final section of this story. Part five is written and will be posted after review: parts six and seven are still under development, but I do not *touch wood* perceive any MORE course-changes. And the goal is to have it all posted by end-of-day 2nd August at the very latest, sanity permitting. Ideally, earlier.

    However. "The Players", posted back in November, now has a new alternate version of Part One: Willow. At the moment, such is the way my mind works, both versions are hanging in a Schroedinger's Box, with identical reality. But you get to read them both because I didn't mean to keep you hanging this long for the rest of the Games story.

    And as I say: I am resolved, to have it all finished for you by the time I leave for the Worldcon on 3rd August.

    Links to all chapters here in The stories so far.
    1:12 pm
    Monday, June 29th, 2009
    4:33 pm
    What's wrong with this kind of argument
    This (via metafandom):

    Read stories with warnings and skip stories without warnings:

    May exclude you from some fandoms that don't do warnings, or don't warn for canon events that you find triggery. Well, if you have a problem with fanfic written in those fandoms, maybe you shouldn't be reading fanfic in those fandoms? Seriously. If you need not to read about characters you love dying, and want to be warned if the story deals with it, you should probably not be reading in Star Wars Episode One, or Blake's 7, or Harry Potter, or ... well, any one of a number of series where, canonically, people die. Repeat as needed for other Sometimes Bad Things Happen In Canon fandom.

    Just check with the author. They will, of course, be willing to tell you if the fic is safe to read:

    OMG, the horror - you might have to communicate with the author. You might have difficulty finding the author's current e-mail address. You might have to wait for the author to reply! Why, it's every fan's right to be able to read any fanfic they stumble across immediately, no waiting, no communicating with the person who wrote it!

    Ask a friend to read for you:

    If you have no friends with whom you are prepared to communicate your love for a specific kind of crack!fic, you should make some. (You know, here's a thought: the person who wrote the story, the author of this crack!fic, is - if approached nicely - a potential friend! someone who likes the same kind of thing you like, well enough to write it f'godsake: so if you can get over your need not to communicate with the author, you may have made a future friend who could read/rec this kind of story to you without embarrassment.)

    Check Delicious for warnings:

    Yeah, I concede: this may not work too well.

    Only read recs:

    Yeah, the horror: you might have to skip the fanfic no one's recced. Or you might have to communicate with the author, or have a conversation with one of your friends. Or you might have to wait a little bit, not get to read the story immediately. Which, oh the horror, is a frustration of one of your essential fannish RIGHTS, to get to read all fanfic in any fandom you choose IMMEDIATELY.

    The internet/fandom/life is not always a fair place. Stop whining and deal with it:

    Yeah. Sometimes it's not fair. Sometimes you have to communicate with people you don't know. Sometimes you have to communicate with your friends. Sometimes you have to ask questions. Sometimes you can't just click/read all the fanfic ever written. Sometimes life sucks.

    Complaining that the people who write the stories you want to read so badly you can't bear to wait even 24 hours aren't helping you in your quest to read fanfic without ever having to communicate with the writers or talk with your friends about the stories because you're embarrassed you like them... well, yeah, I do think that's counterproductive.

    Maybe we can't bring about world peace and end all suffering, but I don't understand why we can't make our little part of the world easier for everyone to navigate.

    We can. You can, oh hermit soul: you just have to let go of your idea that writers of fanfic ought to be content to produce fanfic without ever hearing from the people who want to read it, and especially not when the people who want to read it want to know something about the story before they read it.

    Current Mood: annoyed
    Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009
    10:07 pm
    Without doubt I am going to go to hell
    I read this.

    And it made me think two things:

    1. I do get the point of having "If you want to read it, there's a warning associated with this story". Except I also agree much more strongly with this (from livejournal, three years ago) and this from fanfic symposium: warnings are not obligatory.

    2. But given that, as she outlined very clearly, a trigger may be something as unexpected as calculus - ought we all then to warn for every event in the story, since any event may be triggering?

    I don't want to cause anyone unwanted distress.

    But if you read my stories, you should know that I want to harrow up your emotions like a fork in butter frosting: to make you cry, make you laugh, turn you on, startle you like a thin knife that pierces your heart before you know your skin is broken, suck you in as if I were a black hole and you were my light, make you shake, make you shiver, melt your brain, make you keep coming back -

    ...if you want me to do that to you.

    If you don't, you shouldn't read my stories.

    Current Mood: indescribable
    Friday, June 19th, 2009
    8:17 pm
    M*A*S*H: Northern Spies
    Northern Spies

    for Jennifer, who loves apples and Hawkeye

    a M*A*S*H slash story )

    how do you like these apples? )

    Current Mood: amused
    Tuesday, May 26th, 2009
    12:18 am
    In The Mouth Of The Wolf: Part 4
    (This was the eighth part of "End Game", and then had the Author's Note: "Part 8 (and Part 7) are neither of them from Kimble's point of view. I am sure you would notice and not be confused, but as we're all friends here, I just thought I'd mention it. Part 9 is from Kimble's POV, and I think the story should wrap up inside 3 parts. Sorry to be muddled about this. I'd known these characters were going to show up, I just hadn't realised they'd want their own POV-sections, and am finding myself feeling horridly confused about what this has done to the structure of the story. ("Whee?")" Well, I am no longer horridly confused. Hope that you are not too much so either.)

    If you prefer to read a warning before you read the story, there is a warning associated with this story.

    The previous stories in this series (my Keptverse) began with The Games (six parts) and continued with The Network (one part), The Players (seven parts), The Gambler (seven parts), The Pieces (seven parts), and End-Game (5 parts).

    There are parts one two, three and four of "In the Mouth of the Wolf", the sixth and final section of this story. Part five is written and will be posted after review: parts six and seven are still under development, but I do not *touch wood* perceive any MORE course-changes.

    The story may be regarded as fanfic set in [info]poisontaster's Keptverse. There is a species of cast list here.

    Part 4: For Freedom, standing by the tree )

    to part 5

    the warning associated with this story )

    Current Mood: weird
    Friday, May 22nd, 2009
    9:16 am
    Meme, apologies, End Game
    I've been going through a bit of a weird period personally, but I have finished Part 8 of End Game (I think - I need to do the usual re-read / review) and to continue on with Part 9.

    I'm going away next week, Tuesday through to Thursday. I will be taking my laptop with me (probably) but I don't know how much writing I can get done. I will post Part 8 before I go away, and let you know where I am with the rest of the story. I'm sorry this has been dragging on like this - I do know where I'm going, trust me *looks shifty* No, seriously, I know how the story ends, it's just some crap has been coming down this month and it's really interfered with getting into the writing zone.


    Current Mood: apologetic
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