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Sunday, June 6th, 2010

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    House MD: Adverse Events
    Update: JFTR, I was enjoying reading At the Spectra by pgrabia (link to C11), but I have to stop reading it now, because: (1) Pgrabia hasn't posted any links to past chapters: (2) Pgrabia doesn't have an Author tag on Grabbing His Cane: (3) The mods have disabled anon comments on Cane so I can't ask where the previous chapters I missed are (4) Pgrabia disabled anon comments so I can't ask her where the previous chapters I missed are (5) The story isn't posted anywhere but Cane. (6) I'm not dead sure what the last chapter number I read was, and anyway without an author tag the only way to read previous chapters is to go back through the whole blog checking each chapter at a time, and I wasn't enjoying "Spectra" so extremely much that it's worth going to all that additional effort to find it. Memo to self: be better at tagging. Memo to others: for cryin' out loud, would it kill you to post a link to past chapters? It has been pointed out to me that I stupidly forgot to check ff.net! first link now goes there!
    It has not escaped my attention that, since I posted The Cripple aka The Price of Friendship, a few other House/Wilson slavefic stories have been posted. Invariably (as far as I can tell) Wilson owns House.

    ...I feel it's time to redress that balance. A House/Wilson slavefic story in which House buys Wilson.

    Adverse Events: A fifth season House/Wilson story with no spoilers beyond the end of fourth season. Inspired and giggle-beta'd by Pink Dormouse )

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