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Monday, February 15th, 2010

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    In The Mouth Of The Wolf: Part 8
    The previous stories in this series (my Keptverse) began with The Games (six parts) and continued with The Network (one part), The Players (seven parts), The Gambler (seven parts), The Cripple (one part), The Pieces (seven parts), and End-Game (5 parts).

    There are parts one two, three, four, and five, and six, and seven of "In the Mouth of the Wolf", the sixth and final section of this story. Part 9 to follow.

    The story may be regarded as fanfic set in [info]poisontaster's Keptverse. There is a species of cast list here.

    Sorry about Sunday. I got distracted revising Part 9, which will be posted tomorrow.

    Part 9 is the conclusion of "In the Mouth of the Wolf", and while I may be /am tempted to go back and write oneshots (in particular, backstory for Giles and Willow...) the main story is concluded. (Which is somewhat hard for me to believe, after all this time, but all stories have to end somewhere, sometime, and this one ends there.)

    [info]poisontaster made it clear that she felt I should have stopped writing non-RPS fanfic in the Keptverse at the point where she said she wanted Keptverse fic to be RPS-only, which was back when I was writing The Players. I couldn't have stopped then, but I could agree not to do another long story in the Keptverse (since mine would always be non-RPS). Her own long story, A Kept Boy, which I have been following enthusiastically for even longer than I have been writing this, is even now sweeping to its conclusion.

    Part 8: As come it will for all that )

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