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Sunday, November 2nd, 2008

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    Wrimowrimo wordcount: 1947 words
    Total for November so far: 1947 words.

    Written in: "The Players" and "The Network" (roughly half each).

    I think I'm going to filter these posts: comment here if you'd like to be added to that filter.

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    The Network
    I linked to this story by [info]darkrose, My Sight Grows Stronger, in the introductory notes to The Games. Partly because this really impressed me, and partly because I felt it was a good introductory stand-alone piece to read about how the Keptverse works. This story is my effort to do something similiar, and was inspired by a discussion that I had with [info]darkrose here.

    In summary: the Keptverse is set in an America in which debt slavery exists. In the real Keptverse (which is mostly on livejournal), the stories are all RPF. What I am writing here is fanfic on the Keptverse: fictional characters living in the universe of [info]poisontaster's creation.

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    Current Mood: tired

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